oil pressure switch

The oil pressure switch on a 916 looks very similar to car ones! can anyone confirm?

I bought one from Vauxhall - sadly I can’t remember the reference - for £8. Seems to work.

Oh, look, a bit of googling returned this: vauxhall-car-parts.co.uk/aca … 0643N.html

Enjoy! But don’t blame me if your engine goes pop!


Your engine won’t go pop if you fit an incorrect pressure switch, unless it’s pisses all of your oil away…

These things are soooooooooo unreliable that I don’t bother fitting them to the tuned motors that I build, I just blank them off in the same way as the factory Corse teams did with their motors.
If the switch, warning light were reliable and actually worked (and lets face it they don’t as in this post!) it would be too late to save the bottom end/crank shells anyway, it’s a low pressure warning not a low oil level light after all.
Blank the hole off and just enjoy riding the bike, these motors are pretty bullet proof and you’d soon know if your crank/big ends started knocking.
Once the warning light/pressure switches is in the bin were it belongs it can’t tell you anymore lies…

Steve R