Oil usage on Multistrada 1260S

Help please. Just bought a Multistrada 1260S GT on a 2020 plate. The bike was serviced prior to delivery by the dealer including oil change. The mileage was 1130 on delivery and the oil level was between the high - low mark. I have now done 800 miles and the oil level is at the lower mark. Is this normal?

I have not heard of them using any oil, what’s emissions like ? Smoky or clear ?

Everything looks OK, No Leaks & does not look to be burning oil, no smoke all clear & oil burning smell etc. The bike is running fine… Maybe I just keep an eye on it for the time being. I’ve now ridden 1000 miles and put 400ml oil in…

I think so, not worth taking it apart for what may be normal

Sorry to drag up an old thread. How is your bike now.
I have the same model and about the same oil consumption. Ducati have had it in twice and their weighted oil amounts are always far less than what i have to pit in. They assure me it is fine

No change at present. Bike away for the winter. Due to get back out around March. Traveling to Spain in June. That will be the test for me!!!

I’ve got a 1098 and ever since i’ve owned it i’ve had the same oil consumption problem. No leaks, doesn’t smoke or any of the normal symptoms. I’ve brought it up with a couple of Ducati dealers and they say it’s normal.
Apparently Ducati say 1litre per 1000 miles is acceptable.
There was even a magazine article i found asking why modern bikes use so much oil, so it’s not unique to Ducati !
I have now resigned myself to just checking the oil level after 300 miles and if necessary just topping it up. If i do a lot of motorway work it is not as bad ?
Bought the bike with 18k miles on it and i am now on over 40k. I kinda thought it might “bed in” and stop as the mileage increased…
My old 748 never used a drop from one oil change to the next