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Let me introduce myself.
My name is Geoff Ives and I joined DOCGB at the October Stafford show.
While being new to the Club I am not new to Ducati. I bought my fisrt one in 1962. It was a Cucciolo and in fact it was one of the rare Cyclo Britax Hurricae racers that had been re worked.
The next was a Monza Junior in the 1980’s. Not a favourite of mine and I gave it away.
My real interest in Ducati is the Cagiva period and I bourght an Allazura in the early 1990’s following it with a 906 Paso. I learned to live with the uncertain handling due to 16inch wheels but the snatchy power take up made me sell it.
Then came the three bike that I still own.

(1) A 600 SS manufactured in 1995. It is near mint condition with only 7K miles on it. A beautiful looking bike.

(2) A 1997 ST2. A great mile eater and the one for touring although a little tall and heavy for me (approaching 70 years old)

(3) My current favourite. A much customied 1999 M750 Monster. Bags of torque, civised, non snatch town riding and enough power for most occaisions.

Other bike currently owned are…
1947 (much modified) Velocette KSS Vintage Racer…
1951 Velocette 350cc MAC.
1966 Aermacchi 250 Classic Racer.

Hello Geoff,
great to read about you and your bikes, that’s an interesting collection of Ducatis that you have owned / own. Any pics?

Here goes for a try…Three Dukes.JPG

Hello Geoff, nice to have you here and talking about your bikes, the Monster sounds nice, we are having a 20th anniversary display at Stafford, not sure if we have a 750, sure Kevin will be along to inform us, anyway, Hello !!

Nice pic, Geoff, thank you.

Hi Martyn.
I will be going to the April Stafford show as I am Secretary of the ‘British Motorcyclke Riders Club (Oxford)’ and we have a stand.I could put another bike on the trailer. It must be understood that this bike is in constant use, Summer and Winter. In fact I have been on it today. It is nice but no ‘Show Queen’ and is far from standard and would not be a fair example of the M750.
Maybe I should do some detailed photo’s,warts and all.
Happy New Year.

Got round to doing a photo… As I said, hardly standard.
Monster 2 2.JPG

Looks lovely, sorry for late reply, I am sure it would be appreciated, Kevin Baker organises the show, I am sure he will be along shortly !!

hi Geoff, any chance of a pic and comments for the ‘Monster’ edition of Desmo? (Issue 207)

I will see what I can do… I will let you know by the end of the week.

How many words do you want?
What topic? Eg. Why I bought a Monster, Riding assesment,or other.

Hi Geoff,
about 500 - 750 words would be great, thank you. ‘Why you bought a Monster’ would be fine - and also if it has met up to your expectations. :slight_smile:

Where and how (e-mail etc) do I send it. Sorry this should be in a PM but the system won’t let me.

send it to editor@docgb.net

450 words and some images sent.

Hello Geoff, sorry I hadn’t spotted your posts, we would like to have your Monster on the stand at Stafford, could you contact me to arrange please?

Message sent.

Hello Geoff, how did you send the message, I haven’t received one as yet?

OK. Lets do it on here then. :wink:
I woul be delighted to bring my bike to Stafford. I will be there from Friday pm as I am running a stand for another club and I can get the M750 on my trailer.
I must reitertate that this is a ‘user bike’ and while it is very presentable it is no ‘Show Queen’.
Let me know the position of the Club stand nearer the time.

Thant’s great Geoff, we’ll see you there on the Friday then.
And we’re not bothered about condition too much, it’s nice to have different bikes, used or unused, standard or modified on the stand instead of the same ‘show queens’, so we would be more than happy to have your Monster.
We should be in Sandylands.
Thanks for your support.

[size=150]What year is is??[/size]