One less club

Am I right in what I am hearing? there is now one less club in the UK or am I being wound up, or do we really care?

I thought Teflon Fuhrer, has left the scene of his last crime, and that the burning embers that remained were being restoked by some more honest individuals- but I migh be wrong. The most horrific thing about it all is that, as I understand it he has all but got himself elected on the Exec of the ACU!

is this a certain unsporting club ?

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Its quite a laugh posting words such as Teflon Fehrer, on Ducastisti at the moment and timing how long it is untill your post is removed. I’ve not been banned yet, but give it time! :smiling_imp:

I’ve just heard this morning that the ginger reptile is now on the board of the ACU, a very bad day for bike sport IMO.

…and that last week he threatened Ducatisti UK with a libel action, after a forum member posted allegations (not proven) of wrong doing re the MotoGiro, something to do with taking money for a company that he knew was going down the drain.

Of course my reaction was CB in dodgy deallings with other peoples money? :astonished: NEVER!

After the threat of court action the offending thread was deleted, as well as a later thread about his appointment to the ACU board.

People in the Ducati World who’ve been threatened with court action over the last few years by CB, could probably form a Rugby 15 by now…

Where’s my black armband? We can only hope that he never gets involved with the organisation of the TT.

Steve R

I know of one chap who’s been sin binned for 6 months over this debacle.

Steve R

I also got into ‘trouble’ with the TF (ie threatened with liable) after a posting on the ISC site …it’s interesting to see that he checks on there when he thinks he’s being ‘mentioned’. I had several interesting chats with people within the ISC about the TF, very enlightening - and some very upset / angry people around :astonished:
I’ve been following the threads on ducatisti too (Fred pulled :smiley: ) …
Apparently, the club is still around, but they’ve had ‘server problems’ :unamused:

Somebody should just quietly say when threatened with legal action “bring it on” the costs associated with bringing a legal case are so high that unless they actually have a good case they would be wasting their time

I always wondered why ducatisiti website was deleting any mention of a certain club now I know, thanks for the enlightenment

My wife was a member of said club at one point in time, after reading proposals from the then management commitee on how it wanted to change the constitution she refrained from renewing her membership

Her letter to the management committee explaining why she was not rejoining was never answered, that in istelf speaks volumes

I did consider saying that, but it would have probably meant problems for the ISC site where the comment was made - and I have no wish to upset the people there - incidentally, that site was formed from people who ‘left’ the DSC :wink: