Orkney & Shetland Isles

With Hardknott Pass ticked off on my “bucket list”, I am aiming to tick off next the Orkney & Shetlands in August. I have planned the route and picked out a few B&B’s, but the question I ask, “Has any Forum Member done this trip?” One of the attraction’s, to me at least is the use of the Ferries, but I do not want to book them now, because if something goes wrong I stand to loose my cash. [It’s happened before on an Ireland trip]. What I’m thinking of doing is booking the ferry when I’m there. I know it’s high season, but I’m thinking they may have space on board for a motorbike. So any help and advice from the Forum, will be most welcome.

I know that a couple of members have done that trip, I’ll see if I can give them a ‘nudge’

I seem to recall this trip being written up in “DESMO” some years back now though.

Steve R

I’ll try and have a look through the back issues …