Ormskirk motorfest

Not sure if anyone is aware of this event, but here is a link to it.
I’ve never been before, but have heard that it is quite good. IT Doesn’t just involve a display of cars, but bikes as well.
I’ve checked out the entry list and can’t see any Ducati’s entered. I would have displayed the S4 RS but I’m taking the E Type, so if anyone wants to display their bike on the 25th of August, get yo entrys in now (it’s all free too).

Heres the entry list link

sounds a good event, maybe a report of it for Desmo 210?

let me know what you would want and I’ll do my best on a write up, but I’ve not done one before.

Have a look in Desmo at the reports of other events, you may get some ideas - you can write as few words as you like, but I’d suggest about 500 - 750 words and some photos too :slight_smile: