Paint for 900SS

I’m painting the fairing of a 1976 900SS and wondered if anyone knew the correct colour blue to use.

I foolishly painted the bike red in the early '90s and don’t have anything to match to.

If anyone has a fairing with original paint and is within sensible reach of Newcastle upon Tyne I’d happily come over with my ever-growing collection of paint chips to try to get a match.

Would also be grateful for any advice on matching the original crinkle finish to fork legs and yokes.

Hi Patrick,

It looks like you had the same question as I now have!

I have just bought an original 1977 900ss (Blue/Silver) and need a paint code for the Blue that is readily available today, can you help?

Ian Falloon states the Blue to be Pearl Blue # 62235 which was from the Italian Standard Paint Company; he doesn’t give a modern or current alternative and i’m getting nowhere trying to match the colour - can you help?



check out RS bike paint website for colour matched spray paint by model and year

You could try this:

I think Lechler, Italian paint company may have the correct or correct ish paint, always a trouble to get exact