Panniers for 900ss

I’m investigating panniers to fit my 900SS (1996). I have found Ventura supply brackets, pack-racks and bags that will fit my bike. The Aero-Spada VII (51 litres) bag would seem a good bag. Have any members used the Ventura sytem ? Are there any other suitable alternatives that will fit my bike? Please advise. Thank you.

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Ventura are a very good system, and probably the only people to make stuff for the 900ss, and most Ducatis it seems, I have a Ventura each for my 900 Monster which works well.

I have also used a Ventura pack rack on my 1994 900SS. Very practical solution for occasional use. On and off in 10 minutes (just 2 bolts each side on the L-Brackets) and the rack just drops in and clamps up with the nuts supplied.

I guess hard luggage is the way to go if you are carting stuff around all the time - or just buy an ST2 or ST4.

However, I found that the Pack rack PF16 which is the one they recommend for the 900 (and 916 biposto) rubs on the seat when facing forwards. If you are carrying a passenger and the rack is out over the back this is not a problem. The solution is to buy the Pack Rack PF14 (for the 916S & SPS) which sits a little higher up, to clear the single seat unit on the 916 models, and does not rub on the 900 seat.


Thanks you both for your feed back.

I’m also looking into the Oxford X50 panniers as they are half the price of the Ventura. The shape of the X50 should provide sufficient clearance with the exhausts.


Hi Bill, if you’re still looking I’ve a brand new set of Red Oxford panniers, that I’ve never used,

Many thanks for your messages. I used Oxford X50 panniers and an Oxford 6 litre tank bag when I went to the IOM TT earlier this year. Worked really well and had no issues. Would recommend these for the 900ss