Pantah 500 SL clutch.

Can anyone guide me on the amount of clutch slip if any that can be expected, I was informed that a new clutch pack was fitted prior to sale which slips when cold. It improves when warm but can slip in high gears on full throttle, I have read anecdotal reports that you can fit an extra plate but not withstanding that the oil level is correct and the oil spec is also correct.
If a new clutch is required so be it but as mentioned this would be only a few hundred K old unless I have been misinformed, but my motorcycling mates assure me the vendor is respected and reliable?


I would expect 0 (zero) clutch slip

Ok yes I suppose that’s correct but It is, and has had two clutches in two years with hardly a lot of miles, I would like to upgrade and resolve this issue at the first attempt so was trawling for any previous experience if any one has had any. Or does anyone know of any contact how may point me in an after market solution,.