Pantah 500 SL

I am in the process of restoring a 500 SL to original condition .
It is registered as a 1984 but judging by the numbers it is a 1981 . VIN DM500SLA66835 , Engine number DM500L1602916 . Could someone please confirm the year model .
The previous owner had sprayed the frame , headlamp and mudguards matt black . As far as I know they should be gloss black . Am I correct ?
The small plate that is rivited onto the side of the frame is missing . Any ideas where I can get one ?
Also when viewing images of 500’s it appears that they came out in a light and a slightly darker blue . What determined the difference ?
Many thanks

The headlamp and frame etc should be gloss, but from memory the headlamp shell wasn’t all that shiny? The bodywork should be in a lightish blue, but I’ve yet to see a paintcode? You may be able to get a plate reproduced if you have a picture, try one of the British classic restoration companies. Sorry I couldn’t help more, great bikes though!

IIRC? The colour changed to a slightly darker shade of light blue when they became 600’s.

Steve R

I think the 500SL was initially available (1979) in a limited pre production run witha black gloss frame with red and silver elsewhere. In 1980 it changed to blue with a black gloss frame but a few from 1981 were white. It had black mudguards as well.

The 600SL was initially released as grey with a black gloss frame and then changed to MHR colours with a red frame.

A friend of mine has a beautiful blue 500SL (for sale I might add) and I have a 600SL that started life grey but is now in MHR colours.

The 650 was red frame with red and yellow paintwork.