Pantah bodywork

Quality of original panels is poor. Crash damage usually causes severe splitting due to high filler content. Tool compartment base in seat of SL model can loosen and fall out. Pattern fibreglass fairings for early type SL are reported as not available. Later MK2 type exist also Twin headlight version available from Waffen Fibre(WF) Full twin headlight fairing available from Sprint Manufacturing. Full racing NCR pattern fairing to fit standard frame available (WF) 900SS half fairing has been used. Fibreglass front mudguards in three styles available plus fibre rear mudguard.(WF). One machine has had seat restyled by recovering allowing extra room for passenger and vents moulded into rear shock absorber bulges. Tank sides can touch frame and cam belt cover. Rubbers used on engine have been used on top of mounting rubbers to avoid contact. Extra fuel capacity can be obtained by removing central air filter housing and cutting away bottom of tank and reworking. Flush filler has been fitted to one bike. Plastic lever on petrol tap can snap off. Taps from Paso fit although no reserve available. Alloy F2 tank can be fitted but is 5" longer than standard. NCR style fibre tank is available.
500SL colour is roughly the same as Porsche Helibua. Fairing can be supported by fitting a Hailwood replica type brace. Modifications to improve the look of the rear of the bike have been done using a ford transit tail light and Renault indicator lights. Airtech has dual headlight fairings for Pantah SL’s on their website.