Pantah exhaust

Standard system is double skinned, heavy, restrictive, and difficult to remove. Internals of silencers deteriorate rapidly. Balance pipe and front pipes can corrode together and make removal very difficult. On one bike brackets on balance pipe have been removed and resited using spacer washers between bracket and engine casing. Internal crossover tube in balance pipe can be blown through to remove restriction to exhaust gases. Alternative
systems: 2 - 2 Standard with silencer ends cut just after last baffle 2 - 2 Standard with silencer internals removed (loud) 2 - 2 Stainless ‘Armours Ltd’(disaster) 2 - 2 Conti ‘production system’ 2 - 2 Waffen Fibre Carbon fibre end cans. 2 - 2 Swann open meggas (racing) 2 - 1 Roberts stainless long front pipes 2 - 1 Conti 2 - 1 Verlicchi race pipe (scares old ladies and Christians!) 2 - 1 Verlicchi front pipes/ Waffen fibre carbon end can 2 - 1 Gianelli 2 - 1 GM race pipe (very poor fit) 2 - 1 Harris (loud) 2 - 1 Harris alloy end can 2 - 1 Theresby RH exit (very poorly made) 2 - 1 Hejira (chronic!) 2 - 1 Yardley large bore anti reversion special (unusual!) 2 - 1 F1/Matchless standard silencer!
Gianelli 2-1 was fantastically loud and sounded great on over-run but changing to Conti 2-2 sport system produced a deeper, resonant note and seemed to improve smoothness throughout the rev range. This might be psychological though, those Conti stampings on the pipes do funny things to you! Contis are still available brand new in Australia but are expensive. Stop them rusting by inserting a cup of old engine oil each long trip. You look like a 2-stroke for a couple of miles but the oil coats the internals and keeps the bank manager happy.