Pantah Switchgear

The Nippondenso switchgear on my beloved is becoming unreliable and my MOT guy has assured me it won’t pass again.
So I can spread my net wider does anyone know which other (Japanese?) bikes used this gear?
Does anyone know of a reliable company that refurbs switchgear?
Has anyone come across instructions/youtube clips on refurbing this type of switchgear? (longshot)

Any thoughts welcome. My first post on this forum and I’ve already mentioned Japanese bikes twice, apologies…

You need to get yourself to dBay in Northampton next month, I bet someone will have them for sale.

I think they are the same as the Darmah units… so they are almost the same as the switches fitted to 70’s Suzuki GT & GS ranges
GT250, GT380, GT550, GT750 etc
GS550, GS750, (GS1000?)
I have replaced both left and right with units with Suzuki spares.
But, of course they are probably more popular now than ever so NOS spares are disappearing fast.
The throttle needs to be modified to work work the long pull Dellortos, and the left hand side switch is slightly different, but actually way better than the old one, it uses the sames the same plug and connections, the loom is about 3 inches shorter but I just ran it the other way around the headstock.


OK Mart - Give us a clue!
When and where :question: I can’t find anything about this on the forum, on the website, or in Desmo :exclamation:
Don’t tell me I need bloody Facetube…

It is on Friendface… but it will be in Desmo 228 too.

Looks like someones remade the L/H switch!
Available at Bevel Heaven…