Password Change

As said before can we please have notice when the password to the memberzone is going to be changed, before we get e-mails and phone calls from members saying that they can’t get in.

My phone has been red hot and people get upset when I can’t answer it as I am working. A big note on the front page of the website would be useful and also a big notice in Desmo as most people do not notice the change and it just gets people’s back up.

Point taken. I cannot do anything about changing the notice in Desmo, that’s Jilly’s job, but I will make the location of the password more prominent in several places.
I’m not trying to duck the issue here, but looking for a workable system. As I am unaware of the identity of new members, I could not really deal with it myself.
Brand new members will always get it when they receive their first Desmo. For those that join up by post it probably won’t make much difference, but for those who join online, perhaps a response should come from the Membership Sec when the email is passed on from the Treasurer notifying payment. The notification from Protx includes the members email address (if they didn’t have one they couldn’t join this way) so a short standard email could be returned to new members at this stage.
Perhaps something along the lines of “Thank you for joining, your card and mag will be with you shortly etc etc etc. Meanwhile, you can access the website Memberzone using the current password, which is XXXXX. Futuer changes to passwords are notified in Desmo.”
This could be set up as a standard text and just cut and pasted into an email acknowledging payment, which would stop the phone enquiries.

Meanwhile, I’ll see if there is anything I can add to the payment acknowledgement that might help.

It was done like that but then not changed so people used bayliss instead of casey and I got loads of e-mails. Whatever way there will always be complications !!!