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Hi Everyone,

My name is Cavin and I live in Malvern Worcestershire. After following motorcycle racing since I was a little lad I finally got around to doing my bike test this time last year. I now have a Monster 1100 EVO and cant stay off it. I stumbled upon DOCGB tonight after looking for spare parts for my bike. This morning I put bike on stand and was walking back to house to close garage and heard plastic/metal crunch. Turned around to see the old girl on her RH side…arrrgh. So looking for a few bits…is there anywhere DOC members can recommend for spares. Ducati want £80 for front brake lever and just wondered if there were any other outlets that may be worth trying?..

One question for the technical boffins out there - the bike was on its RH side for about 5 seconds running before i got to kill switch. Would this have done any harm to the engine?

On another matter, I was planning to do the Ducati track day at Donington Park later this year. Anyone out there done it?..and was it worth it.

I hope to get out in spring/summer for some biker night meets, so may see some of you there.

Stay safe…and turn your bars when leaving running monsters on side stand!!!..ouch

Hello Calvin, welcome to the forum.
Ouch, I had my new Multistrada a whole week before it fell over!
As for spares, for new stuff I use Ducati Wolverhampton, they offer a 10% discount (on most spares and apparel) to fully paid up members of the DOC GB for Brembo parts you could try they do Brembo stuff, I’m not sure that you will save much though?

I wouldn’t think it’s done anything to the engine in that space of time.
Can’t comment on trackdays, they’re not my thing, but I’m told Donnington is a good track

Maybe see you at one of the Cotswold bike night?


I am a big fan of eBay. I just replaced the front brake lever on my Monster, was damaged when I bought it, with an original Brembo part that cost me approx. £35 inc postage from United States. It took approx. a week to arrive but the saving made it worthwhile.

Hello Calvin, and welcome to Ducati ownership!

You can always advertise for items in ‘Panigale parts’ in ‘Desmo’ (the DOC GB magazine) email for more details … :slight_smile:

Thanks Guys for the welcome…and all your comments.

…have found lever for £20 on ebay (cheers Steve P), (new brembo) so well chuffed. Got to find a few more cosmetic items just to get the old girl looking pretty again. I would be happy to support local Ducati Wolverhampton dealer but thought £80 was just a little too much for a part that must commonly get damaged.

Will definitely try to get out for Cotswold biker nights Kevin. First one in Tewkesbury on 15th April I believe. I need to explore the rest of DOCGB website to see what other meets occur.

Have a great weekend!

[size=150]Welcome to the Forum. Glad you have sorted your part.
Don’t forget to join the DOCGB. You will receive a great magazine throughout the year, there are events and branches throughout the country and don’t forget the discounts. You can join from the website.
Hope to meet you at an event soon.

hi, im in kidderminster so not a million miles away.
some of the west mids lads go to the cotswold nights, i think i managed four last year among others.
hopefully see you out and about.

Thanks Captain & Richy…will keep a look out for the Dukes.