paul 888 contact

does anyone know how i can contact paul with the luvverly 888 that was at the stafford show? like a right numpty i didnt get a number, e-mail address or even a surname. :unamused:
need to contact as he has some ducati bits im interested in. :smiley:

Hi its Paul Rawlinson will contact paul with your number. What parts where you after as Alan Long left some parts with me for 900SS which should be similar to yours that he is selling

thanks steve thats great. it was some red mirrors and possible downpipes for an ss that hes got. i think the parts that were left at the show were black mirrors, if its the bag that was behind my bike on the stand that you mean.

thanks again and all the best,

Yes it was that bag and it belonged to Alan Long. Have asked Paul to contact you has he done so.

yes thanks, bout 5 mins ago.