Petrol Tank Sealer

nothing to do with the duke , i have another older bike and is showing signs of bubbling paint work on top of petrol tank , i think is due to pin holes in the tank, etc ,
i have seen a product to buy that coats the inside of the tanks and re seals it , just wondered if anyone else has used it has any experience of it , is it any good ? #

ive used this kind of sealer on my 748 tank
works a treat and had no issues in the ten years since ive done it

I have used a product called Tank Cure, consisting of a cleaner, rust remover and a two part epoxy sealer.
It is a bit of a fiddle to use but I have treated 3 tanks oner the years, two with pinholes and one as a precaution and all have worked well.
You will need somewhere warm to do the job (probably not the house unless you are single or want to be in the near future!) as the products need a certain temperature to work and you can make a mess if not very careful.
They claim a resistance to 10% ethanol so should be good for a while.
There are other products available but this is the only one I have used.

thanks for the replys guys appreciated…

Anyone tried Flowliner for plastic tanks, to counteract swelling?