Phishing from Simon Brooks to Marketplace wanted ad?

just interested if everyone who has a Wanted ad in the marketplace got a reply from Simon Brooks. I got one for all my adverts.

I suspect a phishing expedition but will be happy if I am wrong.

Didn’t realise there was a wanted section in the forums so used the Marketplace area on the title page which provides direct contact to email and phone. Doh!


I had a reply that was 100% a scam.
They sent me S4RS pics and then all of the rest of the text was about how good the car was and how it needed to be sold fast for my operation…to@@er

Had a feeling it was because I have three adverts and he answered all of them.
Thnaks for the reply,

When you place an ad I think you can choose wether it’s visible to members only or to the entire world generally. Members only is probably the best option.