Photo Store for the Forum

I have created an online photo store which will enable pictures to be placed in the forum like this.

I will shortly be asking for a couple of people to test the system before I make it generally available.
Any volunteers?

This is the text I expect to use when the system is made available. Any comments welcome.

[size=150]PhotoBucket - Important Information – Read This First[/size]

[size=150]DO NOT, under any circumstances, delete any albums, folders, pictures or anything else already uploaded. You have been given access to a photo storage facility on which many other members and club services depend. You can add pictures, but if you make a mistake, do not attempt to rectify it. Simply do it again correctly, and email the webmaster with details of duplicated files to be deleted[/size].

The PhotoBucket storage facility is intended to be used as a central repository for photos specifically related to the Ducati Owners Club GB Forum.

Please do not use it for anything else. Any other unsuitable material may be deleted.

First, follow this link to the PhotoBucket store -

Logon using the username of ducatiownersclubgb, and the password ducatipics

In order to ensure it works efficiently, the Photo Store has been set up much like a “My Documents” folder in Windows, with an Album structure making it easy to navigate around and store your pictures in the right place. Please ensure you stick to the structure, and if you find that there is no obvious Album in which to store your photos, refer to the Webmaster for guidance. DO NOT, repeat NOT, add any more Albums to the main structure accessible from the opening page. Follow these steps –

  1. In the “Albums” box on the left, click the appropriate Album (as noted below)
  2. Then create a new sub-Album within the main one by clicking in the “Add a New Album” box, save it, then just add your pictures to the one you have created. If you do not stick to this principle your links created later may not work.
  3. If possible, first resize your images to a Large Format (1024x768 pixels) and a 72dpi resolution. This is fine for web use or printing in Desmo, and results in manageable file sizes. A medium format (640x427) sized picture fits well on the Forum web page and can be seen in full.

The following is intended as guidance on where to store the photos. Please read carefully. Click on and open the Album you have created first. Then click the “Upload Images” box and follow the prompts.


Use this folder to store pictures for display on the DOCGB Forum. All photos are automatically shared. Name or number your photos within your sub-Album in a logical way (eg – Spaggy750GT-1, Spaggy750GT-2 etc) Once you have done this, hover your mouse over your picture, and copy the text from the IMG box that appears below.
When you have opened your Forum post, “Paste” or use the “Control+V” shortcut to include this link in your post. You will get text in the box like this - (img)
When you post your message your picture will then appear in the Forum. If the picture appears cropped off, right click and choose “View Image” to get the full picture.
Photos placed in this Album will not be deleted.


Use this Album if you have pictures that do not relate to any specific event but can be used by, for instance, the DOC PRO, Webmaster or Editor. Title your pictures with a suitably obvious name (eg – 2008GP-Stoner) and upload your pics to the Album. Please then advise the Webmaster, Editor, or whoever you want to use the pictures, that you have created it, so that the content can be used as appropriate. Photos placed in this Album may be deleted by the Webmaster later.


Use this Album for anything that does not fit in the other two above. Photos placed in this Album may be deleted by the Webmaster later.

Oh yeah, I forgot to say.
If you are going to try this out, keep your posts within this section please, so I can see how things are progressing.

Come on, somebody must be able to try this!


Like this?

[size=150]Sunny Cornwall[/size]

Absolutely. Thanks for the help.
Did you have any problems or was it all straightforward?
Did my instructions make sense or is there anything I should change?

[size=150]Yes but I am used to using this for my photos in Cornwall branch area. Easy when you know how.

Captain Pugwash[/size]