The Dodge Caliber forum I am in that is very similar to this one allows you to upload pictures (obviously not very big ones!) from your computer, this has really helped when people are trying to illistrate their mods and other technical issues and really added to the forum.

Any chance,


PS Still a nice forum BTW

Glad you like it. However, as the forum program is very new, there are very few mods available that will work yet. I will keep my eyes open for more updates as we go along.

Are you on some sort of mission to beat Ains to the “Superbike” postings status??

Keen to help kick off the new forum, I didn’t like the look of it with no postings!!

I thinks that’s a must, most people (me) dont have my pics on a url only on pc. I’ve just ruined a couple of them trying to reduce them in size too

First rule of editing or doctoring digital pics!

Make a copy and work on that, saving the original to go back to if it all goes ^" up.

(Been there…done that…)

photobucket might be the answer, and just put a link to your pics