Pictures sorted yet?

So, for the less technically able amongst us, the burning question is - is there an easy way to post photographs to the forum?

Hi there. Upload your pictures on Photobucket. (

Under each picture will be an IMG link. Click on this link and it will be copied then you paste the link here.

lets see if it works…

It works!! Easy eh!! :smiley:

Same rider, different bike … :slight_smile:

Hey Craig,

any more pictures of me and people will think it’s my home page :slight_smile:

The face is a picture of either grim determination or stoic acceptance, I just can’t figure out which. But having heard, in graphic tearful detail, the story behind the bike and build (re-build?) I think it’s probably the latter. ERE! wasn’t it supposed to be “lashing it down” all the time :question:

If I remember correctly, this picture was taken in the morning of the day the event was cut short because of thunder storms and hail in the afternoon :frowning:
The reason for the intense look is that I’m on a timed ability test without a functioning stopwatch (rain killed it the day before) counting ‘1 banana, 2 banana, 3 banana’ …

Good job you didn’t have to count past ten. It’s difficult to ride and take your boots offf at the same time! :laughing:


Not to mention the smell! :astonished:

Actually, I think this was more the image Graham was trying to emulate :open_mouth:

(What a right trio of dorks… Ain’t it great when cultural transfer doesn’t get it quite right? :slight_smile:

Ah the Italians always like to do it in style, I’m not to sure if they display good taste though??
I think that the last shot/post is worthy of the ‘World Champions of Bad Taste’ our cousins from across the pond!
Nice bikes though, although I’m more into the street/racing singles than the Scramblers.

Steve R

Hi Steve,

I think Laverda had a better idea at the time as to what might appeal …

So was the advertising message they were trying to get across “ride a Laverda and feel a right tit”? :smiley:

Oh Lordy Lordy. They’re like the Village Peoples even dodgier relatives that no-one mentions! Would you let them babysit your kids?

The Laverda advert is more like it but very ‘period’. The thought police wouldn’t allow anything like that in these pc times. I have fond memories of the adverts from the likes of Coburn & Hughes from when I was a lad growing up in the 70’s and 80’s. Quite scary to think that those models are probably someones granny now! :cry:


The one on the right of the photo :question: - It’s John Prescott fer gawdsake :exclamation: :exclamation: :exclamation:

Here you go, Chris :slight_smile:

Thanks for that. It certainly brings back memories. I must be getting old though 'cos I foud myself distracted away from the scantilly clad woman and drawn to the prices of the bikes. ‘How cheap?’



I know what you mean. My first thought now when I see a scantily clad girl in the street is ‘you ought to wrap up lass, you’ll catch a death of cold’. The awful thing is it just creeps up on you. When did I make the transition from young stud to old fart?