Plastic Fuel Tank Problems

I have a 2005 620ie Monster. It has a plastic petrol tank. When I bought the bike, 10 years ago, it had pimples around the filler area - micro blisters. They never got better or worse and I paid them no attention.
Recently it has developed a problem with a very slightly leaking petrol tank. I have enquired with two companies who make / supply liners or sealers and they both wanted to know what what material it was made from? I do not know!

I understand that this is likely to be due to using E10 petrol; I’ve been told the plastic distorts and the tank swells causing leaks around the various fittings underneath the tank.
Has anyone else had problems like this and what happened / how did you fix the situation.
I will not be putting E10 in my bikes again, but what can I do about my Monster?
Salty Dog.

I’m afraid that I’m not much help apart from to tell you there was a class action law suit brought against Ducati in the 'states and the company swapped out the tanks for new ones…and you are right - it’s the higher ethanol content that’s the cause


I’d be interested to know your conclusion (liner/stabiliser etc.)…I have double trouble coming with an 848 Evo and M1100 Evo…both with plastic tanks I think…

I guess the problem is related to the duration the tank is in contact with the ethanol, and the concentration of ethanol; I’m planning on only running E5 for this reason…

I’m also contemplating siphoning the fuel once I get home…that might reduce the known swelling issue the 848 has?

Be interested to know your thoughts/plans and also the alternative mitigations.