Points, condenser, coil

Hi all,

What’s the best source of points and condensers?
Are they Ducati only or are they equivalent to anything else?

Also, any reccommendations on what’s the best coil to use to get the best spark?
I had a few problems with the racer on Monday and I’ve not yet diagnosed the cause so I want to make sure that everything’s at its best.



Hi Roger,

a slow reply I know. I got new points and condenser from the Amici Dello Scrambler club in Italy at a reasonable price. Only problem is that you need to be a member and they only really speak Italian…

Abit late considering this is from may!

Points wise you can adapt any providing its the correct “hand” I’m thinking any classic british car as you can get the bits. Then either adapt or make a new points plate.

condensor, again a car one will be fine.

Coil, Ive got the same as you the cylindrical car type, but i think im going for a modern motorcycle block type things, I think its a 3-Ohm rating for points ignition.

Thanks Dave,

I picked up a couple of sets of points and I’m using a car condensor mounted on the outside.

The coil I’m now using is a Yamaha one I think, possibly from the aircooled RD250.



I’m going to do what I said in my last post so I’ll report what I find out, Could even make two :wink: .

It would make it much easier rather than having to look across europe for points.

Did you get the RD coil new? If so where? Bike specific coils seem quite cheap, then you look dynacoils at £100 :open_mouth: