Do you like or hate polishing?

  • I hate polishing
  • Polishing is great - I live for it!

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I hate Polishing. But do you?

What Polish do you use for Stainless, Chrome and Alloy?

what Polish do you use on your paintwork?

Autosol and MR Sheene original.

As they say MR SHeene shines umpteen things clean.

You will be starting an oil thread soon.

autosol for alloy, and sainsburys own brand furniture polish for the plastics. t-cut is good on alloy that has allready had a mirror polish.
not got much stuff to polish on the duke, but have had almost every model kawasaki z around. had a mint z650b1 and fitted acront rims and stainless spokes, you could see your stubble in the engine casings? :nerd: :unamused: . down side was that the index finger on my right hand was almost always black from autosol.

I use Bosun on the Tank, tail & sidepanels, Mr Sheen on the other paint, and Autosol on the alloy & stainless bits, but only when I’m feeling really energetic, and 'till I get bored which these days can be measured in minutes…did anyone mention oil? :astonished: