Popping over to Guernsey?

Just thought I’d mention it on the site as I mentioned it to Kevin last night on the phone. Any D O Clubbers that are looking to pop over to Guernsey for any reason, pm me or drop me an email and and I’ll try my best to meet up with you. Nowhere is far on an island, not normally more than 20mins end to end.

Incidentally, I’ve managed to hook up with two other ducati owners via FB and one personnal contact I used to work with at our local BMW dealership many years ago. There’s a few here but I’m not sure if their club type’s or not. We may have to team up with Jersey to create a bigger presence but would need DOCGB to create a section on the site for the Channel Islands so we could gel somewhere as a group online.



Sounds good and well worth a visit

Why not give it a mention in ‘Desmo’, John?

Just done that.

I haven’t received anything for the next issue …

What do i need to do to get this into the mag

email the details to editor@docgb.net