Possibly a future Ducati owner what to look for!

Hi everyone, I always loved Ducatis first of all I think they are the epítome of two wheels motorbikes, saying that I’ve talked with several people that are gently trying to get me out of the thought of getting one, I say I really nice deal on a M600 from 96 for around 3000, prices here are not “user friendly” like most countries, and it’s a dream bike for my first BIG BIKE, I’m asking the community so what should I look for on a used M600 from 96 what pro and cons I must consider and also what should I replace if it’s a good shape :slight_smile: here are some pictures of the bike.best online spanish course

Nice bike to start with. I’m no expert on this model but check fuel tank not leaking towards the rear. If your in North Wales Richard Green at MOTO R in Ruthin can help you with servicing. People have been trying to put me off since 1979, failing. It’s a jealousy thing. Join the elite and bring your bike to life.

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