Post accident advise

I have recently had an accident where a car performed an illegal turn and I collided with it at 50mph. the police are taking the guy to court and prosecuting for dangerous driving. He also aitted fault at the scene. I sustained a host of injuries and a 2 week stay in hospital. my monster 1100 evo was also a wrote off…I only had it 5 hours too which was a double bummer.

At this point I can claim on my insurance and use the solicitor associated with my insurance for uninsured loss and personal injury, but can anyone recommend a company to go for if they have had experience with or know anyone hat has?

(Thankfully) I can’t give you any advice first-hand about this, but from what I’ve read, it is suggested that you are better going with an
independent solicitor (preferably one that ‘does’ bike claims) than with the one provided by your insurance company.

This bloke:

and these

advertise in The Riders Digest (popular, now online, bike magazine); no idea if either is any good, but might be worth a try.

Best wishes for a speedy recovery and good luck in screwing the b*stard for as much as possible.

I’ll second alex’s advice