Postcar from the IOM

Hi all,particularly the DOC (GB) TT crew…

Picture 1, the carvery,Steve Robbins please note who is serving us!

Pcture 2. The wine in the falcon, er Steve Robbins, please note its the Rhiocha

Pudding in the Falcon. Please note I managed to have it with Custard. Bad news though, they have not replaced the Calvados after we visited during the TT!

pint of Busheys Export anyone?

Yes, that is the original 103 year old Senior TT trophy insured for £1.7 million in Williams hands!

Nice one Keith, I wish I was over there with you all.
No TT for me next year unless the long awaited lottery win turns up,
Nessie’s insisted on a family holiday if she’s got over the next operation by next summer.

Steve R

P.S. There’s only one R in Robins. :wink: