Powercommander 2007 st3

Hi, my first on formum.

I’ve just purchased and fitted a Powercommander (label reads) 711-410 for 711-411 to fit my 2007 st3, took it to my local dyno centre for set up, with no luck, he couldn’t control the fuel/air settings, on each run it would flip from rich to lean for no apparent reason with lamda sensor connect or disconnect, no differance.

Question: Could it be my ECU and is it compatible with the powercommander?


Pat Clancy (Cornwall branch)

Something which has always annoyed me, on my last st2 and present st3 “the battery position”. I’ve now moved it to under the seat, being a gel battery no problem to lie it down, it fits nicely between frame tubes (in place of tool bag, now in side pod) with a piece of thin foam, also moved 40amp fuse.