Presidents Meeting

Who do we send to the President’s Meeting?

  • Spaggy
  • Jilly

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There is a Ducati Club President’s meeting coming up to tie in with the last GP in Spain. We usually send the Chairman, but as we don’t currently have one…

The two volunteers are Spaggy and Jilly. We need to decide which one, so please cast your vote using the attached poll. You can only vote once and cannot change it later, so make sure you get it right first time.

Gary is still the Chairman. Until such time as successor is appointed.

I don’t think in light of the current wrangle with Ducati that we should attend the meeting at all.
Thus sending a message that we are not happy.

So my vote is NO to anyone going.

I have also been reminded of this by Martyn. It had slipped my mind, but in view of what we had already discussed and the current problems, I am in concurrence with both Martyn and Andrew, and will happily withdraw my offer to go.

OK BUT, after being with Spaggy at the WSB dinner we were specifically asked to go now then three things spring to mind. UKMOC in a bt of disaray and not a club, DSC fighting and cannot agree on anything and they are trying to sue us !!! Are DUK trying to get us all there to paint a happy picture, I can sound Marco out person to person on what he thinks, he has done this with me on lots of stuff he has asked me not to discuss SDC where I was BCC’d on e-mails for one. I will see what he thinks and tell him why we are thinking of not sending anyone.

I know Graham has spoken with Tim Mc about our shirt issue and Tim is trying to be the one to sit down with us, let us see if we can get them to sit down sort it then we can send somebody but do think it would be a bit odd meeting with Mr. Del Torchio and listening to him saying how important the clubs are and how we are all a family when we are being threatened with legal action !!! It would not be good to sit with any other club and be discussing it over a beer !!!

As far as I know Gary did send his resignation, we did not accept it and I think he is doing it for all the wrong reasons, this is in part because we have not had enough CoM meetings, I think we should have one when we say and if someone cannot come the meeting is structured around the people who are there unless there are really pressing issues in that dept. We can talk about it at next CoM meeting !!!