Press Launch of the New Monster 797

Here’s a press launch for all of the oil/air cooled Monster fans! :smiley:

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Yet again the pre-launch discussions were based more around the weather than the bike. A deluge of biblical proportions was forecast and the journalists compared notes on wet weather gear. However, an email from head office suggested that we would make the most of the dry sunny weather on our travelling day and hop on some bikes as soon as we arrived in the Cote-d’azur in the South of France.

For most journalists the pictures are almost as important as the ride and the chance of getting images of a red Monster 797’s in good light with the backdrop of a glistening sea would be too good to miss. So it was off the coach, check in, dump the bags, get changed and after a short briefing we headed out to the coastal roads of the French Riviera.

What would normally take half a day was achieved within an hour, as photographers and video guys worked their magic and provided the journalists with a selection of images that they were more than happy with.

The next morning, I drew the curtains of my hotel room and my unfounded optimism was dashed as I watched the rain lash down on the sea and pool below.

After breakfast, the Ducati team decided that we would at least head out on the route and try to get some more photos and video footage. Once this was achieved it was fairly obvious to everyone that there was no need, and no fun in continuing with the roads now, especially since they had more of an appearance of rivers. Apart from a hardy French rider, everyone headed back to the hotel to dry off and empty their boots and backpacks of water.

An early lunch was taken which lasted until the early afternoon as journalists retired to their rooms to write their stories and reflect on their limited impressions of the bike. Fortunately, the Monster 797 is a fairly straightforward motorcycle and it can be judged after a short time. The consensus was that Ducati had achieved its goals and reintroduced an entry level Monster to the range which is easy to ride, has excellent neutral handling, but with a quality of finish and componentry that some of its cheaper competitors can only dream about.

Whether you are a novice, returning rider, second bike purchaser or Monster fan you will not be disappointed. The 797 is a brilliant bike and does not let down the Monster lineage that began back in the early 90’s. The Monster 797 along with the rest of the 2017 range will be available to view and test ride at the Ducati Season Opening Day on the 8th April at Ducati dealers throughout the UK.

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