Problem starting Monster

[size=150]My monster has started being a problem to start when hot. Any ideas of what the problem may be?

Monster 620ie

Cheers Guy.[/size]

Try looking for a loose connection between the seat and the bars

Does it turn over but not start, or just not turn over?

[size=150]It turns over no problem and will start in the end. Needs full choke, or that seems to work anyway. But do need to turn it over for some time, then it will slowly get there. Is there a sensor that supposed to sort the fuel injection out if it’s hot? Just something someone mentioned to me.


Think it will be either of the sensors, had similar problems with my ST2

There’s a air temperature sensor behind the headlight under ths clocks, I found it the other day looks a bit exposed!
The engine temperature sensor is on the front cylinder inlet rocker cover, can be prone to the connector rotting, worth a look?
Does sound like it’s the fuel injection playing up though?
If it’s like my yr2000 900Sie the choke isn’t actually a choke but a fast idle cam on the side of the throttle bodies, I asume the fuel injection sorts out the rich starting mixture from the air & engine temperatures?

[size=150]Yes I think it is just a fast idle.

Thanks for the advice