Problems getting in.....

Well what a trauma that was…

  1. Site wouldn’t let me in as it said the password was wrong, even though it wasn’t.

  2. My username is not recognised…

  3. Re-registered and had an argument with itabout where Ducatis are made - Borgo Panigale is not “an incorrect answer”

  4. We agreed to be vague and settled on Italy.

  5. Clicked on the verifcation link to be told Im already registered…AAAAAAAAAARRRRRRRRRRGGGGGGGGHHHHHHHHHH

And where have all my previous posts gone…?

Hi Gav,
I had very similar problems to you…
I threw my hands in the air and looked at Ness, in a pathetic way until she felt sorry for me and sorted it out.
We settled on Italy in the end as well!
I’ve not looked for my previous posts yet, I’ll have a search later.
Anyway it’s nice to see you having a go at getting the new forum up and running mate.
If not before I hope to see/meet you again at the Bristol Auto/Moto festival in the spring.


We do try dont we Mr. Looking forward to Bristol - with a bit of luck Sophia might all be back together by then! :laughing:

ERRR Come on guys they are made in Bologna !!!

Not according to the DOCGB Web Site exam they aren’t

It’s true, some were made outside Italy, and the frame numbers are changed to identify the bikes that were.


Well that was my answer and I got straight in. But you are here now.

It’s true, some were made outside Italy, and the frame numbers are changed to identify the bikes that were.

Lots of singles were made in spain, but (and I may be wrong here) I don’t think any of the 450’s were.


Bologna is correct.
I set the question, and I’m always right, so there.

At the risk of showing my meagre knowledge of Ducati singles and exposing myself to ridicule and scorn, weren’t the 24 Horas models 450’s made in Spain? Please feel free to publically mock and humiliate me if I’m wrong.


I think Steve was referring to the fact that a lot of the late Ducati single production was carried out there rather than Mototrans own model production which lasted to circa 1983. They never made 450’s, but did make 350 models such as the Vento and Road.

Brilliant rolling chassis for its age including twin front discs and a floating rear disc brake!

The 24 Horas or 24 Horrors as it became nicknamed over here were 250’s. This like all there models until Ducati production stopped were essentially based on the earlier narrowcase motors.

I’ve seen quite a few 250/350 Spanish built Scramblers which can be identified by the Telesco front forks which have steel sliders and also the absence of ‘made in Italy’ on the clutch inspection cover.

Mick Walkers book ‘Ducati Single’ covers this in detail and is definitely one of his better Ducati single books.

PS I suppose we should really move this off topic thread to the singles section.