Proper job scrambler

Now this is what ducati should have produced. Bit like the Hypermotard but with a decent tank range. A Monster scrambler…

Made by this company in the USA and called the Terra Monstro, at $16,500 a bit prcey to say the least, but what a grand idea…


PS I’ll have mine painted yellow with black stripes please.

PPS, now i know what to do with that od 600M I’ve got stuffed in the corner of the garage!!!

Nice post, Keef - thanks.

I’ll stick with my Scrambler for now :slight_smile: , but you’re right - looks the biz. The Alan Carthcart review at is pretty complimentary, too.



:bulb: Its really got me thinking, about the stored Monster in the garage. I read the Cathcart road test and it gave away a few secrets…

Although the machine uses different yolks, they are the same off set, so you could use the standard yolks and turn up some spacers for the smaller diameter MX forks, which presumably you could source from a KTM or similar. Wheels should not be a problem, infact I’ve a couple of suitable hubs lying around I used to have fitted to the Spondon.

I can’t see a cheap way round the longer swing arm and longer shock though…