Query on 916SPS Seat hump gold line

Afternoon, query for you all?

I’ve been looking to buy a 916SPS and have been to see one this week.

The gold line on the tail unit looks to have been applied by paint over the laquer - you can feel the lin eof paint with your finger as you run across the plastic.

I thought these were a gold decal under the laquer?

Any one got an original 1998 bike they can confirm for me?



Hi Stuart

Sorry for the delayed reply, not checked in here for a few days.

From memory I think the line does appear to be quite thick. I will have a look in the garage for you and report back.
it may be Saturday before I get in there to take the covers off.

Had mine nearly 12 years and about 36000 miles now, so happy to answer any other questions you may have.