random question belts

just come back from pub heated debate, why is it a car can do 70,000 to 90,000 miles or 6 years before cambelt change
and a duke can only do 12,000 or 2 years? got 2 pissed to stick up for me bike :laughing:

A car does not so the revs a bike can do, they will probably last a lot longer, would you risk it ???

not a chance just had mine done!

Some cars do not make it to their intervals either. I have though never heard of a belt snapping, it is always something else, tension wrong or tensioner fail, I would not risk it either though.

Cars generally run lower revs, run larger pulley wheels and turn the belts at less acute angles.
Oh and a mate of mine snapped a belt on a new 996SPS after around 5,000 miles, which had all the repairs carried out under warrenty, they even lent him a bike while his was in the shop.
It happened on the way home from Le Mans, he wasn’t very happy!
I change mine every 2 years no matter what mileage they’ve covered…
Better safe than sorry.