ready for the off

Bit strange getting the Multistrada ready for the TT and not the bevel. Instead of spending a week getting the bike ready and making last moment adjustments to the carbs, all this thing needed was the tyre pressures checked, chain adjusted (which needed the manual!) check the luggage and its ready.

Boring or what!

Nice one Keith,
I’ve been doing the usual fettling and all was going well until Sunday morning, when the bike suddenly lost power at around 120 mph in 4th gear???
My 851/916 is now a single with the most bent exhaust valve in the rear head that I’ve ever seen, the piston and the head casting have survived, but I can’t say the same about the cam £££’s, I haven’t even found what’s left of the opening shim yet, but have found 2 1/3rds of one collet and a badly damaged closing shim in the rocker box. :frowning:
Still a bike’s a bike so I’m riding Uncle Joe’s cruel Stalinist joke on the Western world, otherwise known as my old MZ.
I almost chucked in the towel completely as I’ve put a lot of work in and am quite exhausted now, if it wasn’t for Nessie who pointed out how much work I’ve done to go on this holiday and how much she looks forward to ‘Faggots, peas and chips’…
I suppose I’ll have to console myself with Lobster, steak, Indian meals, fish n chips, Manx queenies and all of the other food I don’t eat whilst at home. :unamused:

On another note we have a new puppy, a (we’ve had her for 3 weeks now) 11 week old black Labrador bitch called Bess, Sam the 6 year old black Lab’ dog is loving the attention/his new friend, Nessie’s hoping to breed from them, so that our little girls will have the experience, they’ve always had a dog around, now they’ve got a puppy and if we’re lucky they’ll experience a house full of little puppies.
On the downside Sam is being put on the male dog ‘Pill’ so that Bess can skip her 1st season, if Sam gets anymore laid back he’ll be permanently asleep.

Steve R…Gutted but not out for the count!