Rear brake pedal

Does anyone know of a pedal extender for a 2016 multistrada? I could do with the pedal moving out about an inch or so. I’m tempted to try and bend the original lever out but fear it snapping. Also the rear brake performance leaves a lot to be desired. I can have the pedal fully pressed and not a lot is happening. Anyone any ideas or suggestions.

As far as poor performance - if the pads are fine and you have filled and properly bled (Quite notorious for being difficult to bleed) the system it could be a fault in the master cylinder or issue in the caliper itself. Process of elimination really.

What sort of performance are you expecting? If the bike is stood still (on paddock stand) and you apply the rear brake does the wheel still move?

If I stop and try to hold the bike with the rear brake I have to press harder than I would in an emergency stop situation to hold the bike. The pedal goes as far as the physical stop…it feels like it needs bleeding. Bike has not done a thousand miles yet. If I try to stop just on the rear the bike does slow but the effort required has the pedal on the stop. My plan is to bleed the system and try to move pedal up and out a bit as currently I am moving my foot off the peg to press pedal harder…

My 2010 rear brake constantly needs bleeding, every couple of months, and it’s a pain to do as the only way is to unbolt the caliper and feed it through the wheel to get it up in the air, they are well know for this problem, and I’m not sure why unless it the close proximity of the silencer box?
If it’s still under warranty take it back and point out the problem to the dealer, they might replace the master or at least bleed it for you?


Will try bleeding it, then see how it performs. Thanks for the advice

Made a conscious effort to work the back brake today. It does work OK it’s just the effort and lever travel are both excessive. Have ordered a vacuum bleeding kit and will remove the caliper to elevate the nipple.

Bled the rear caliper with a vacuum kit and pulled fresh fluid through. The old fluid was very dark in colour. Couldn’t remove rear wheel to elevate caliper but will do next time. Performance did feel better but think the pedal needs moving up so I don’t have to move my foot to push it down further as it still has a lot of pedal travel.
So better than before but still not ideal

You can get the caliper through the wheel and up in the air if you are careful…

Already had the socket for the wheel nut but no 3/4 drive breaker bar. Will bleed it before my big trip at the end of June. Like to get the wheel off and give everything a good clean.

You may need an impact wrench to shift the rear nut, sometimes the breaker bar alone is not enough if the nut has not been off before or has been put on too tight

Thanks for that. Think I’ve got one somewhere