Rear Sprocket

hi guys have taken rear wheel out to fit new tyre and have noticed some ‘play’ where the sprocket fits to hub , is this normal ? there is also a gap of about 2-3mm i would attach pic but limit on here is so low

What bike’s that on?

There is no limit on file size but image size is max 1000 x 800 pixels

st4…gap more like 1-2 to be honest too !!

i have re sized pic down to 1000x800 but when i upload i still get the file too big, maximum allowed size is 256Kib

Where’s the play, along the spindle, or around the spindle?
It could be the cush drive rubber bushes in the wheel, the metal inserts tend to fall out leaving the pegs running on rubber.

its as iff the sprocket isnt tight against the hub hence the gap , and so i can push the sprocket back towards hub , same gap all around hub

as you can see the image is below 1000x800 the limit is on the kb size of image ?
ScreenHunter_89 Jan. 26 18.23.jpg

haaaa i love screen hunter !!!

The image is a png, I don’t think they can be displayed, try changing it to a jpg.

That whole assembly pulls out of the six cush drive bushes.

so you saying this is ok kev?? its just because its off the bike ??

Yes, I think so, just pull it off and have a look at the rubbers

yes you are correct kev … cheers bud appreciate it…

Yea, they look OK

[size=150]That looks fine. to me too.[/size]

Many thanks