Rebuild 1977 900 gts

Hi, everybody thanks for welcoming me to the forum,
I’m in the process of rebuilding my 1977 900gts and am struggling to find a replacement rear(vertical) 860 camshaft ,hope someone can help me

Try Andy Jones at Mdina Italia.
He got just one for me, but that’s 'cos I know him. He usually sells them in pairs when available.
If anyone knows of a reputable engineer who can do a good and cost-effective repair to knackered cams, I’d like to know. I have a pair of GTS cams made from case-hardened chocolate that need re-facing.
For bigalandchrissy’s benefit, when you put the heads back together, leave out the inner valve springs and just go with the large outers. It’s the additional un-needed pressure from the second sent of springs that chews the cams. It’s happened on EVERY GTS I have ever seen, and they work perfectly well with a single valve spring.

Thanks for that spaggy, yeah I’ll try that, this the whole idea for a forum we all help each other with tips and idea’s