red key

Re my 06 Multistradfa 1000S - Just read on the internet all the horror storys that occur if you loose the “red key” Is this red key actualy a key that is red, or are they refurring to the credit card looking thing that came in the owners folder called a “code card”

It is a red key that is red !!

am i allowed to swear on hear, as that is quite bad news.

uh ohhhh :astonished:

Just got home from night shift and the key has appeard on the coffee table. Haurah!

That is good to hear …

But not as good to hear as the admission of guilt from my Beloved wife, who addmited she found it in the draw where she keeps her handbags!

maybe Barbara has been out on the bike? oooops :astonished:

More like it matched the handbag and looked cool as an accessory !!

wheres the “like” button!

different network site :laughing: