Red ST2 for sale

The duke is a low mileage Ducati ST2 in Red of 1999 vintage. (22,000 miles)
It is 944cc with a 2 valve desmo v twin engine, you probably know the model, with a full fairing
and fluid cooling. It has a recently changed radiator and a renovated dry clutch.
I have recently changed the battery and starter solenoid and wing mirrors
Cam belts were changed at 20,000 miles approx. but more than two years ago

There is a Givi rear rack fitted and a top box fitted.
I am asking £1900.00 for this machine.

Other items available for separate bidding at bargain clearance prices as follows:-

I have accumulated some spare parts which are also for sale. I intended to have a spare set of complete wheels shod with a different type of tyre, I have tthe wheels and some tyres but not completed that project with front and rear discs.
I have available a smarter exhaust system, some younger injectors, brake callipers, master cylinders, handlebars, cylinder heads, fuel tank with pump, cap and lock and a spare radiator and a box of electrical bits, including headlight, clocks and wiring loom.
I will replace the oil and filters and battery so it should be nice and fresh for the
new owner.

Luggage in matching red is also for sale.

Pictures to follow when i have finished my short holiday
David Wiggins (dtanglewood)

Revised description: Price is now £1,500.00. Top box is not fitted! But I INCLUDE Ducati luggage and racks in v.good condition in red. But they have not been fitted. Some extras are available to purchase at low prices. Thanks. Mobile phone number available. Club members onlyat first.

David has a project bike for sale. 1996 Triumph Trophy 3 cylinder 900. In Pacific Blue
There is not a to do. All fairings are good, It starts and runs. has matching luggage in good order.
High mileage at 70K plus miles. Recon exchange engine from recognised engineer about 30k ago.
Good tyres and wheels, recon brakes, new rotors, NEW fork legs!! serviced.
Refit rear wheel, fill with coolant, fit fairing side panels. £900. Herts

That looks awesome, I would click buy it now if I had the cash, do you still have it ?

Hi Martyn, I am just about to mothball it.
Are you really interested, if so I can send more pictures. I have a paypal account, if that helps.
I am in Hemel Hempstead, Hertfordshire.
Mob: 07901 637948

I have revised the price. See my ad in MCN at £1,250 for what you see plus imac. luggage.
I am in middle of replacing rear brake cylinder if bleeding does not improve it. Front brakes are brill.

I have at the moment a Honda Monkey bike which I need to sell, when that goes the money will be free, it may take a month or so, if it does not go in MCN put it away until the little monkey sells. It looks lovely. One question, open exhausts ??

Standard exhausts. Sport pipes available.

Sounds awesome. Please let me know if someone buys it from ad in MCN, if not I will stay in touch, would want pipes and luggage. Cannot 100% confirm yet but very interested.

It is priced to move it from my garage, and quickly. Why not make an offer. Its post Xmas sales week afterall.

That could bundle at less than £1,500. if you are quick

Ooooh ya bugger, better get arse in gear re. Monkey !!,

Thanks, speak soon.

Make your mind up Martyn.
I reckon I will be having it if you don’t.

Sod off Steve , she’s mine !!!

After you sir…

The Red ST2 is now sold.
I have a few spares remaining.
email to for a list.
Thanks for your interest in potentially purchasing and reviewing my bike.
I will post a picture or two of some other machines I have owned
and refurbished. David (dtanglewood)