Hello all,
Following a very wind and dusty BMF Show I will very soon have the regalia (Tee shirts, Caps, badges) at my house.
I am happy to hang on to it for the time being and send out packs to organisers of up coming events (TT, Northern Rally etc) or individual orders if that is what you want, or the whole lot can be sent to who ever wants it, Paul?
No rush just let me know.

I would like to discuss this at the next COM. My intention is to take all of it home with me after the October Stafford show. In the meantime can I please be advised of any plans for a regalia stand at the Northern Rally 12 - 14 August and Southern Rally 2 - 4 September?

I have recently had some tees done with the Ducati and Meccanica logos - will bring to Sammy Millers if there is a COM there. Am also prepairing some other stock.


Hi Paul, we are planning to sell some stuff at the Northern Rally, great about the new stuff, I am speaking with Ducati UK as we will be hopefully getting some more permissions, we can have a chat about it at Sammy Millers.

We have had a few e-mails from Ducati UK offering help with Regalia, they have been told we are allowed to do it, they are now trying to manage it !! Have you any pictures of the new ones ??