Registering a spanish brought ducati in UK

Help/advice needed! In 2015 I purchased a brand new scrambler in Spain, as I was living there at the time. I have moved back to UK, bringing the bike with me. In order to reg. the bike here I need the original cert. of conformity otherwise known as Type Approval document. Ducati will only send a PDF of this and cannot/will not release the original. DVLA here will only accept the original. They have rejected my application twice solely down to this. It is very very frustrating, does any one on this forum have any experience of importing/registering a Ducati?

the type approval info is on a plate fixed to the main frame some where it might look something like

yes, but the DVLA want the want the original paper document.

You could MOT the bike using the vin number only ,this might be usable to prove the bike meets uk legislation (a new headlight lens will be required at the least ) also have a look at this
DVLA can be a pain ive been trying since August Ill let you know how i get on lol

yes I have mot ed and insured it but dvla is absolutely insisting on the original COC. I cannot get it from Ducati Spain. I am now trying to get it from ducati Italy, if I cannot I will ride it back to spain to sell.