Registering on

If it does not just send Kevin your DOB and t shirt size

I think I registered today, once I worked out to put in Lancashire to bring up DOCGB and not Bedfordshire that brought up the Sporting Club.
Just have to wait and see what happens.

Yes, another quirk, location is not where you are but the club, we only found this out last week or so, we are based in Lancashire, I know, stupid !!!

It’s cosy if we all live in Lancashire … :wink:

How do Kev, I’m also having trouble registering for my welcome pack but have managed to try join the DOCGB group via the Ducati page (despite already being a member which isn’t linked to my Ducati account and the Duc page doesn’t give me the option to link it myself??) I got the message on my screen saying to wait to be accepted so hopefully there’s a message either winging its way or already in your inbox waiting to be confirmed, I included my membership number on the message if it helps??
Ta muchly in advance

Hello Stitch.
Firstly, you need to be a (paying) member of the DOCGB for us to accept your registration on the factory DOC.
The Facebook page is just a limited part of the club online presence and is open to non members, as is this forum.
The factory DOC has been down for a while, as they are all on their hols in Bologna, it’s now back up and running, I’ll be going through the applications this week.
I’m afraid you are too late to register for this years welcome pack, they were sent out in July just before the factory shutdown, so anyone registered after that will be in for the next set of stuff.
Can you send me an e-mail and I can sort out what you need, it’s
DOCGB Memsec

where’s mine? :cry:

Sorry Jilly, you are not on the list, if you register there is another batch due at the beginning of October

ok, will do

Gents, I have completed this quite some time ago, Does DOCGB have an official list of those of us that have registered, as I have no confirmation that the application has been sucessfull. Re the “welcome Packs” this could be tied into the above list, as distribution through an extinct branch here is S/W Wales will be difficult, However I am now aware of at least 6 Ducs in my immediate area. Please advise accordingly


We do not publish a list as yet of all the members registered on the site, I can check for you but will need to know the name you registered with

Drop me a PM an I will give you all of the details

Just looked back through this Forum re this subject and we had this conversation 17-June where confirmation from DOCGB was required (I forgot about that!) But I have not recieved and confirmation or goody bags

                                                                                                              Regards H

If you are registering for the first time on the factory site for DOC membership…
A bit of an update on Factory DOC applications, it appears that when you apply you really need to register on the main site before you go to the Desmo Owners Section, (or you can register afterwards) otherwise you don’t receive e-mail notification of your entry and you can’t access your profile or add in things like bikes owned, t-shirt sizes are still entered by us at our end, so please let us know when you apply, here’s the link to register This isn’t apparent when you’re already registered.

Kevin Baker
DOCGB Memsec

Ducati time alarm clock. Has anybody sucessfully downloaded the add on alarm tones (1199 with termi’s) from the Ducati website. I keep getting error messages when I try to log on. When I try and re register the website tells me that my username (email address) has already been used. Can you also please advise when the goody bags are to be delivered, as its quite some time since registering, and sending postage.

Hello Homer.
Where do you get the alarm clock from is it an Ipad App?
If you are having problems with your registration or login on on, contact them here, they will sort it out.
Martyn Edwards has the welcome packs, but he has just moved house so he’s been a little busy.
Contact him directly here

Dear Kevin,

I have just joined DOC and I have been looking to get registered on Desmo website as well. I am registered on the ducati website but I have not been able to find the correct link/area of where to get all the info (t-shirt size, etc). Would you be able to give me a hand with this, please?

Hello Gustavo.
Yes of course, you won’t be able to put your own t-shirt size in (god know why?) we have to do that from our end, what sizes are you?
Now that you are registered on, log in, and then go to the home page and click on ‘Experience’ at the top of the page and select ‘Desmo Owners Club’, then click on ‘find your club’ and select us, we are the red dot over Lancashire (as that’s where Martyn the chirman lives) then follow the process through, I will then go in and accept you when you’re done.

I have now accepted you on the DOC System, what is you T-shirt size?
Can you let me know if you get an e-mail telling you that I’ve accepted you, we’re not sure if this happens?


Goodies arrived yesterday thanks very much Martin. Re the alarm clock, yes it is an IPad app from the Ducati site. good graphics, however the sound of the 1198 is a little bit much, so I am back to the standard alarm. Took a bit of time to log on (password not accepted) however I eventuly went in via Ducati UK rather than and all problems solved. Question to all of you who are better informed thn me, 748 or 749 ( I currently have a yellow ST2 and love it, however it is looking lonley in the heated garage !!!)

                                                        Regards H