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Martyn Edwards, asks us in his column, in this months magazine, to register and make myself/ourselves, known to the DOC. Well I tried and got as far as the Desmo Owners Club page, but for the like of me, cannot find the link to “ask for the welcome pack”. could a more computer literate person than me, show me how to go about getting registered.
Dave Hughes

Hello Dave.
Typical of Ducati the new Desmo Owners Club part of the site isn’t fully live to the public yet, we have finished our registration & affiliation, but it down to Ducati to finish their end and I assume they’re having issues with other clubs.
We did think it would be live by now, I will send a message to every member once it’s up and running, expalning it and recommending adding thier details on.
Kevin Baker
DOCGB Memsec

How you used to register has changed in the couple of weeks since I wrote it, typical, can we register you ? If that is ok Kevin ?

why can’t DOCGB just register the entire member ship in one file down load?

We cannot do that for data prote toon reasons, now if everybody gives permission job done.

Yes, as we don’t share out members details with 3rd parties we can’t just upload our membership data, even to Ducati.
We will be adding an opt in for this on the membership forms when this is up and running.

Martyn - you can register me.
Signed - me.

Great, that is all we need !!! Cheers.

Might be an idea to have an update at the AGM? :slight_smile:

+1 for me as well Martyn.
Signed - Me.

Steve R

sign me in as well Martyn

signed Cheshire Cat

Tried again to register, but it came up with “Error 404” what ever that means. Could I ask, politely, if some kind sole could guide me through this registration process.
Dave Hughes

I have had the same problem when going in as an administrator on some entries, don’t know why.
I can add you in if you like, I will need a phone number and your date of birth, e-mail me the info on

Steve, you and Annie are already signed up.

Steve, you and Annie are already signed up.

Steve, I can sign you up , but you will need to send me your date of birth.

Registered on the site this afternoon, message returned stating that request has been sent to DOCGB for confirmation

Hello ‘H’
PM or e-mail me your name and I’ll check if it’s on and accept you.

I still haven’t sorted mine out yet … :frowning:

Registered again… see if anything happens this time…