Seeing as my latest electromex bloody regulator has popped, I thought I would shop around for a superdream item as I seem to remember these were about as reliable as it is possible to be. Found this company on ebay selling new ones allegedly made in the same factory as the originals! … ink:top:en

Hi Keith,
Your latest Electrex unit, I’ve found the RR51’s pretty much bomb proof.
Is it the one you fitted on the Island a couple of years ago now to your 900 Bevel?
If so what’s the wiring like from the alternator upto the reg/rec?
The original wiring won’t be that clever by now and if it’s shorted it could send the reg/rec west.
I’ve upgraded the alternator wires on both my Bevel and the 851/916 with heavier gauge stuff soldered directly to the stators and on the 851/916 I’ve soldered gold plated bullet connectors, replacing the plug as these corode and the heat build up then melts them causing a short and it’s goodbye reg/rec.
I know that you’re a sparky so I hope I’m not teaching you to suck eggs here mate. :wink:
But others on the forum might find this info usefull.

Is the Wetdream reg/rec physically a similar size to the electrex unit, if so you might have trouble getting it to fit in the original place on the 900, the finning on the top RH corner of the one on E-Bay looks like it will foul the battery to me??

Steve R

All good points. Although the wiring looks oK, I need to have a look inside the alterntor cover as well, as of course, that is where the wires get hot and covered in oil for 30 years!

I always used superdream regulators on my Pantahs and Pantah/Paso engined specials and never had one fail, while I have now had 3 electrex ones go west, so if it dont fit, i will find someware else to fix it!


Hi again Keith,
I had the alternators rewound on both my 900 Bevel and the 851/916 by West Country rewinds*, he threw an extra few loops on each pole on the Bevel’s stator to help it cope with the Lucas RITA and the H4 Cibie headlamp.
Bloody top job in my book, I highly recommend them!

*They’re actually based in Essex now though, but they used to be based in Plymouth.

Steve R

Well, my regulator/rectifier went a few weeks ago on the Darmah, bloody thing was only 25 years old with mearly 65,000 miles, Itie junk!
I’d got a second hand spare one in the garage though (ahhhh ebay) which I put on and it’s still working, but, I got a brand new one in a lovely blue Ducati Energia box from Andy at Mdina for about £120ish and took it to the Southern rally and back, we’re off to Paris for the weekend soon :smiley: !

Off topic, I know :slight_smile: ; but, ditto, Steve. Repaired my 450’s pick-up when no-one else wanted to know …

Details, if any one needs 'em:
Michael Simmons
West Country Windings
Unit 17, Kingston Farm Industrial Units
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