Replacement ignition for 900SS

As I am having some trouble with the ignition system, and frankly its about time I rewired her, now might be the time to upgrade the old girl. Does anyone have any experience of these German systems. Are they worth the expense? … e&seite=69


No, sorry Keith, but I know Paul Klakiewicz (DTS) has fitted some, so he might sell them, but I can’t remember whether he thought they were any good, you could be cheeky and ask him?

Hold the presses. The good blokes at Electrex UK have just released pickups for bevel twins.

Spoke to them at the Shepton Mallet Show about it. They make great products at good prices and speak a passable version of English. So before anything else you might want to give them a bell.


Just saw it pointed out that the resistance on the Elextrex units are about double that of the original Bosch items. Not sure what that means. All I know is I get enough resistance in my life.

They’re good guys at Electrex; probably a good idea to have a chat before ordering to see if other components (eg, coils, ballast resistors, etc) need tweaking. Ask if they make flux capacitors!

“If I install a flux capacitor on my bevel and go 88mph will I go Back to the Future?”


A few years ago I fished a bit of broken PCB board out of a skip and went to the stores at work, telling the storeman it was a flux capacitor off a class 165 (thats a train BTW). He fell for it hook lone and sinker and spent many hours phoning round half the depos in the country trying to find one.

Happy days!

Keef. :stuck_out_tongue: