Reports for the AGM Please!

Dear Wonderful CoM,

The AGM at the Severn Rally approaches rapidly. PLEASE send me your reports as soon as you possibly can!

This year’s AGM will be challenging in that the timing dictates we have to keep to a schedule and press on. The offsetting good news is we should have more members attending than in recent years.

Individual CoM presentations must be limited to 10 minutes each. This does not mean you have to submit a short report - it just means you have to make a focused presentation. Please leave time for a question or two.

In this case we have the luxury of many members present before and long after the Meeting for plenty of discussion. If the sole purpose of the day was for members to gather from far and wide for nothing other than an AGM we would devote the usual day to it.

Last year’s AGM Minutes are on the CoM Library Archive if you’d like a refresher. Let me know if you’d prefer me to email you a copy.

All the best,