Return to the fold

Morning all, a quick intro as I’m back in Ducati ownership after a few years.

I currently own an ST2 (up for sale) and a 1098 (reason ST2 is up for sale)!

I’ve previously owned 3 748’s and a '91 900ss and am on the look out for my 1st ever 748 which I bought before I passed my test when I was 25 (living at home, got turned down for a mortgage on a £30k flat!?! so thought what the hell …).

According to publicly available info its currently SORN - Reg no is P993 NOW and I’d love to find out where out is even if it’s just to have 1st refusal should the current owner ever want to sell it which of course they might not ever want to… That bike really helped me through a tough time and it would be amazing to get it back one day…

Anyway glad to be back in the fold and hope to get involved more as time goes on.


Glad to have you back, don’t forget to join Facebook page and also your local branch page

Thanks and will do - didn’t know about the local branch page so will join that too!